Developing an electrical plan prior to renovation

When you plan for a total transformation of your home, every room must have an adequate number of electrical plug outlets. The following wiring renovationare some of the recommendations to consider prior to your home remodeling project.
• Living Room
The living room requires not less than 5 double sockets to be installed all around. This will enable the easy use of electrical appliances within the main lounge area such as TVs, table lamps, chargers, etc. The main entertainment area that has the TV, audio system, decoders etc. should have up to 3 electrical outlets behind them to do away with the need for unattractive multi-boxes.
• Kitchen
There are several standard kitchen appliances that will require sockets such as the dishwasher, coffee machines, mixers, jug, microwave etc. that will need extra sockets to operate. Nowadays modern kitchens have separate plugs for charging portable devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. Talk to your electrician about the number of circuits to your kitchen that operate from your switchboard. Since there are more kitchen appliances operated nowadays compared to the past it is safe to have at least 2 circuits.
• Master bedroom
The master bedroom should have not less than six sockets that are conveniently positioned. What this means is that there should be two double sockets on each bedside for plugging in your chargers, table lamps, radio, alarms etc. The remaining two sockets can be positioned elsewhere in the room for other uses such as powering a television.
• Bedrooms
For your normal bedrooms have at least 3 sockets that are spread around the room walls to allow for variety in the furniture set up. This is particularly important in the children’s rooms since their power needs and room layout modify as they mature.
• Bathrooms
Bathrooms require at least one socket next to the vanity to operate electrical devices such as hairdryers, electric toothbrushes and more.
In case you will be undertaking a complete remodel of your house there will be a lot of electrical wiring to be installed. Ensure that you meet the regulations of your state. Your contractor must have registered electricians to handle all the electrical work during the renovations. Plan ahead for electrical works before the renovation project begins and not later.
An expert home renovation company should be able to help make important decisions regarding planning. For more information regarding home renovations electrical plans read more about Powertec.