The ideal kitchen design tips

The following are some of the amazing kitchen design ideas to make your kitchen space lovely and easy to work in. Whether you are thinking of doing a complete kitchen remodel or building a new kitchen the following ideas will help create a kitchen space you will fall in love with.
• Enough Bench Space

According to a Denver exterior painter we asked, the more the bench space the better, limited counter-top space will affect the way you prepare food. If you have had an experience with minimal counter-top space then you will definitely ask for more space.
• Open-plan Kitchen layout
The kitchen open plan layout is now highly desired by most homeowners. It creates a social space around the kitchen for the family and guests to congregate to prepare, taste and share meals and drinks. It creates a warm atmosphere especially during parties or anytime you have guests.
• Pay attention to the kitchen workkitchen-work-triangle triangle
When designing the kitchen, it is important to observe the kitchen triangle which is the area around the stove, refrigerator and the sink where we tend to move around mostly when cooking food. The kitchen design must allow uninterrupted movement around this area.
• Sufficient Storage
Sufficient and accessible storage is critical for the kitchen. When designing a kitchen for a family ensure that position some storage areas beyond the reach of children. However ensure the height of the cabinets is reasonable.
• Lighting
The kitchen must be well lit not only to carry out tasks safely but also create the ideal atmosphere or ambiance. Select accent lighting to illuminate all the bases, task lighting, and general lighting. Ensure that you install energy efficient lighting.
• Include a kitchen islandkitchen-islands
Adding a kitchen island is a great way of increasing kitchen storage and warmness. Ensure that the kitchen island does not obstruct the kitchen triangle when it is set up.
• Eco-Friendliness
Protecting the environment is a key concern nowadays even in the kitchen. Choose energy efficient kitchen appliances that the necessary energy star ratings. There are appliances that automatically turn off and save energy. You not only protect the environment but also save some hard earned cash.
• Electric or gas
Most cooks will always say gas is the best way to cook food. However, you need to find if perhaps there are better rates for electricity compared to gas. Check the availability of gas within your locality and compare with electricity.
The kitchen is the one place the whole congregates at home and it is one of the most important spaces in the home. It is also critical in determining the resale value of your home some day in future.