1. Demonstrate the Benefits to Employees and The Company

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The benefits to employees are many and varied, including increased productivity, improved communication, and improved trust. Additionally, employees provide valuable input that can help the company operate with current and future generations of customers. Overall, employees provide an excellent product, service, or person and the company should thank them for their valuable role in the process.

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  • 2. Create a Social Media Policy

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  • 3. Provide Training on Optimizing Their LinkedIn Profiles

    LinkedIn has a policy of not requiring online profiles to have a minimum set of profile items. Therefore, it is important for profile owners to have specific and tailored profiles that are seen by as many people as possible. Additionally, online profiles should be optimized for search engine ranking, which is another key factor in finding leads and connecting with customers.

  • 4. Set up the Employee Notifications Feature on your Company LinkedIn Page

    If you have a LinkedIn page, you can set up Employee Notifications to send notifications to employees about changes in their position. You can find the instructions on your LinkedIn page.

  • 5. LinkedIn Teammates Feature

    LinkedIn Teammates is a one-stop resource for finding and connecting with friends and colleagues on the internet. You can find information about jobs, events, and more.

  • 6. Ask Employees for Content on Your Company LinkedIn Page

    1. What are your company's core values?2. What did you do to improve them?3. What are your company's top priorities?4. What are your company's top practices?5. What are your company's most important decisions?6. What are your company's top results?7. What are your company's biggest challenges?

  • 7. Make it Easy to Share Content

    There is no one way to share content. You need to make it easy to share content. One way to make it easy to share content is to use a platform like social media, where you can easily share content with others. Another way to make it easy to share content is to have a specific topic or goal in mind, such as for a certain day of the week or month.

  • 8. Email Newsletter with Content

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  • 9. Distribute Content to Employees via Employee Communication Tool

    Distribute content to employees through employee communication tool. This will allow employees to receive information about their job, and also allow employees to communicate with their supervisor or other members of the team.

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